Tessa Campbell Fraser sculptor to HRH Elizabeth II has agreed to loan long term the renowned public sculpture ‘Polar Dance’ to Tunbridge Wells for the enjoyment and pleasure of both its resident’s and visitor’s.

Until now ‘Polar Dance’ has been publicly exhibited at ‘The Natural History Museum’ London, so a sculpture such as this will be a wonderful public attraction for both locals and tourists to the area.

The nature of the sculpture ‘Polar bear and dancer’ has wide appeal both physically and in terms of its inspiration and therefore a statue that will be equally enjoyed by both adults and families alike; the Royal connection between Tessa Campbell Fraser with our present day Monarch also reconnects the towns ‘Royal’ status with the modern day Royal family.

The Polar Bear and Dancer symbolise the symbiotic relationship between nature and mankind, our battle against global warming, embracing nature and offering it our protection.

Dimensions are: 240cm length 120cm wide 285 high. Patinated, solid bronze statue

The designated spot and finance of the Installation of the magnificent sculpture ‘Polar Dance’ has been provided by ‘The Pantiles’ and is supported by Tunbridge Wells.

Due to the significance of such a momentous installation, many wish to mark the arrival of the sculpture with a public celebration this is planned to take place on the evening of Wednesday 14th June and will be attended by the new Mayoress.

Installation is taking place today Tuesday 16th May at 2pm- 2.30pm. The installation in itself will be an exciting operation to witness.

The public event on 14th June will be from 5pm – 9pm

Schools are invited to write a poem about the Polar Bear and Dancer and the winning poem will be placed next to the sculpture.

There will be entertainment for all, we’re still building upon this, any contributions for this will be welcomed. Woods are also offering a kids eat free menu.